JADP History

In the 1980s, Swedish Hospital and the foundation supporting its community programs founded the first day-time program for people living with Alzheimer’s disease in the Denver area.

In 1995, a generous bequest was received from the estate of L. Ruth Johnson to build a new facility for the Adult Day Program, now named after Mrs. Johnson’s parents, Charles and Frances Johnson.  The new facility was completed in 1996 to house the growing program, where we still stand today.

Mrs. Johnson was introduced to the Adult Day Program when her husband developed Alzheimer’s disease.  His disease had progressed significantly, preventing him from participating in the program.  Nevertheless, Mrs. Johnson was so impressed with the warmth, caring, and expertise of the Adult Day Program that she took an ongoing interest in the program.

Mrs. Johnson passed away in March 1995, but she will be remembered for her generosity, which will benefit the senior community of Colorado for years to come.