Meet the Johnson Adult Day Program Staff

From the Director’s Pen

Greetings! We are so happy to partner with you in the care of your loved ones. It has been my pleasure to serve as Executive Director since March 2015. During this time we have focused on spreading the message about the greatness of the Johnson Adult Day Program (JADP). We’ve expanded our programs to make them more robust and stimulating for those we serve. Our days are filled with laughter and movement as we transition from one social connection to the next. None of the things we do are possible without the assistance of a caring and skilled staff and none of the things would be possible if you didn’t trust us to care for your loved ones. You had a choice and you chose us. For that I am grateful.

I have an open-door policy. Please stop in for coffee sometime.

Yours in Service,

Linda A. Whyte
Executive Director


I am the Executive Director at the Johnson Adult Day Program and I am honored to serve such an extraordinary group of people. Prior to joining JADP in 2015, I was the Regional Administrative Services Manager for InnovAge in the Denver metro area. On a daily basis my life is enriched by the people we serve. I have learned about relationships, marriage, child rearing and finances through our participants. They are a wealth of information when you take the time to listen. I am looking forward to a continued partnership with our participants and families.

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Rebecca has worked in the Adult Day Services industry for a total of five years, in various capacities. Rebecca received her BA in Liberal Studies, focusing in Gerontology from Georgia College & State University, in 2010. She began her career in Georgia, where she is originally from, as an Associate Executive Director for a small Adult Day Center before moving to Denver where she accepted the position of Executive Director within the same organization. Prior to her work in the Adult Day she spent six and a half years as a Veterinary Technician, as well as three and a half years as a Medical Assistant while attending College. In 2014, Rebecca joined the JADP team and has enjoyed being able to connect with participants and caregivers on a much more intimate level and truly believes she has found her niche, as Enrollment Associate and Community Liaison. In her spare time she can be found traveling; hiking, camping, climbing are things she loves, along with spending time with her pup Hartlee!

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I’m Mae, and I have been here three months. I have experience as Dietary Aide, CNA, QMAP, and Medical Assistant. I have worked in the medical field for 30-plus years. I love my job and the participants are wonderful! It is truly my pleasure to serve our participants!

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I am Cindie and I have been working with seniors in Adult Day Care for over 30 years. A few years after graduating college with a degree in Recreation Therapy, I found my calling working with seniors, first as an activity coordinator in a nursing home and then in Adult Day Care. I have been at JADP since the beginning over 30 years ago.
I am so privileged to work with the seniors and staff at the Johnson Adult Day program. The staff at JADP are focused on helping our seniors and their families cope with the many challenges associated with aging and caring for their aging loved ones.
I always say, “We only let nice people in and we are here to have fun.” I strive to make that true each day for our participants.

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I am Lynette, one of four Activity Coordinators here at JADP, and have been here almost 25 years. I have a degree in psychology with emphasis in music and business. I like to connect with people, and the connections I have made here and the good feelings are just priceless! Along with the other Activity Coordinators, our unofficial titles should be: DIRECTORS OF FUN!!!!

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I’m Karen, and I have been with JADP for 12 years as an Activities assistant, Enrollment associate and currently Day Trip Coordinator. I have worked in assisted living and with the elderly population all my adult life. I love to see how our Center helps our wonderful participants and their families.

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I’m Allan, and I’ve worked for JADP for eight years. My sisters and I founded an assisted living facility to care for both of our parents, who have since passed away, and the facility is still operational. I migrated to JADP as Activity Coordinator, and am the token male employee, with an emphasis on fun and laughter. I love working with this population of participants and assisting families in giving them some respite in their duties as caregivers.

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I’m Sophia, and have been with JADP for four months. I graduated in May of 2015 with a Degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration. I moved to Denver from Illinois with a desire for adventure and to improve the lives of others in a recreational capacity. I enjoy enriching our participants’ lives with recreation and activities.

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I’m Linda and I’ve been with JADP for 24 years. While with Johnson, I have served as Dietary Aide, Driver, Assistant Activity Coordinator, and served as a CNA for 15 years. I feel I am a loving, compassionate and caring person and love working with the participants.

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I’m Mila and I have worked at JADP for 14 years. I have been a CNA for 23 years. I worked as a school nurse in Moldova for 14 years. I have worked at an assisted living facility and like to care for people. I like to make everyone feel at home. These are very nice people and I enjoy the participants.

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I’m Veronica, and I have worked for JADP for three and a half years, worked as a CNA for 16 years. I am from Mexico. I worked as food server before CNA. I consider myself very compassionate and I love the participants I work with and learning from them and their experiences in life.

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I’m Monika and I volunteered at JADP for three years prior to becoming employed here one year ago. I am an LPN and a CNA and have worked in the health care setting for 40 years with a variety of jobs including school nurse, OB nurse in the hospital, med/surg. nursing and long-term care facilities. Our participants are my favorite population to serve, as I feel so much love towards them; they could be my mom or my grandmother.

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